Specialty Stone


These old reclaimed stone stairs are a great addition to any rustic home. They could also be incorporated into a landscape or patio feature in a backyard setting. A very solid material, sandstone responds very well to wear and tear, and other natural weathering. Unlike many manufactured options, these slabs of rock will each have a very unique texture.


Water Trough

A rare find, these water troughs show the wonderful craftsmanship of our ancestors, and the care taken to ensure that the work is done properly. Each trough is made of a single solid piece of rock and painstakingly carved to form a basin. All of this was done without modern power tools. Nowadays, these works of art can be used as large garden planters, part of a water feature, and in many other ways. 



We were lucky to come across these two sandstone fireplaces that were still in good shape. As you can see, they have been reclaimed from an old home that was torn down. Call us today to see if these beauties are still available for you to purchase for YOUR home.